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    Automatrics MTrack Truck Security Find Stories

    Read about some of our Truck Theft Recovery stories. All recovery operations are managed directly by Automatrics working with the police. Customers are kept up to date with all aspects of the operation. Some assets are recovered with GPS positioning but others where GPS signals cannot be received will require a radio finder to use a hand-held direction receiver. Unlike wired trackers, our self-powered wireless tracking devices cannot be scanned by criminals.

    When a trigger event, such as an illegal movement, tamper, area, low battery or power-loss alarm is received from your tracking device we systematically process up to four client emergency contact numbers, via SMS, phone calls or when required email. If a false alarm is suspected you are prompted to send alarm reset SMS response. Our professional operators ensure battery life is preserved for any required recovery operation. If reporting a theft "after the event" clients call us on +44 (0) 1329 663812. We record details and make the required connections to your tracking device.

    On connection with the truck tracking device we will try to source an accurate GPS fix to direct the police to the location. However, more often these days a significant number of stolen assets are deliberately hidden from GPS satellite view or criminals will use simply GPS bocking devices. In these situations, we immediately deploy a radio signal finder supplied by Automatrics, NaVCIS or other law enforcement.

    Finders use specialised radio direction truck tracking technology with an accuracy of less than one metre to locate your stolen truck. Once located either the police or our own personnel will stand guard over the protected equipment until it can be safely recovered. You can choose a police recovery, (fee's may apply) or alternatively you can arrange your own recovery.

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