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  • Watch Stolen Volvo Digger Recovery Operation Polish Truck on M25

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    Stolen Volvo ECR28 Recovered The Automatrics MTrack wireless tracker device has an inbuilt radio beacon. This radio beacon can be detected by hand held radio direction receiver operating at one of 1000 secret radio frequencies. We collate the approximate location of the tracker using GSM cell site triangulation, to home in on the radio beacon to an accuracy of less than one metre.

    On the 11 November 2010, a plant hire company reported the theft of a Volvo excavator. The Automatrics MTrack tracking device was remotely activated and soon reported to be moving south on the M40 . An Automatrics radio signal finder was dispatched to try to catch up with the tracking unit. The finding team caught up with the protected Volvo and confirmed the tracking RF signal was emanating from a Polish truck traveling east on the M25. The truck details and position were communicated to Surrey Police officers who were waiting for the truck to pass them on the M25 hard shoulder at junction 6 Surrey Police intercepted the truck on the M25.

    When the truck was stopped the side curtains were opened to reveal the stolen Volvo digger hidden inside. The operational site was soon attended by Metropolitan Police DC James Elliott from the PANIU a dedicated unit for investigating thefts from both the construction and agricultural industries. Automatrics 24/7 monitoring staff tracked the stolen Volvo remotely from Birmingham for a distance of over 100 miles on a heading towards Dover.

    The Police intercepted the truck and escorted it to Clacket Lane services. The excavator was seized along with two caravans and a large generator, the Polish driver was cautioned at the scene and taken away for further questioning. DC Ian Elliott commented “This recovery demonstrates what can be achieved when construction companies protect their equipment with Thatcham quality accredited tracking systems such as Automatrics system, with Police and Industry working together “

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