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Farm Security needs provided for Stolen John Deere Gator recovery operation in Lancaster

John Deere Gator  Theft Recovery   Read more here...

Stolen John Deere Gator Recovered

On 13 September 2016 a customer reported his John Deere Gator stolen from a site in Kendal Cumbria. The Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking system was remotely alarmed and a radio signal finder was dispatched to the GSM reported cell site in Lancaster. The radio signal finder detected the signal emanating from the protected John Deere Gator which had been hidden behind a hedge on some wasteland close to the M6. Lancashire Police were contacted to soon attend and support the finder at the recovery site.

The customer was contacted and was thrilled to hear the specialist £15K work utility vehicle although they were unable to collect the work utility vehicle. The stolen John Deere Gator appeared undamaged but with no key it was necessary to select neutral and push it out of the wasteland to the roadside to ready it for recovery vehicle collection.

The self-powered tractor tracking device UHF radio signal enables recovery by deployment of radio signal direction finders, these will where GPS positioning is not possible attend a triangulated GSM cell site location to then use specialised hand-held radio direction receiver equipment to pick up and then home-in on the Automatrics MTrack’s audibly silent but secret RF radio finding frequency. The radio finding operation is supplied by Automatrics and included within customer annual monitoring fees.

Customers choose to install ten Automatrics tracking systems after they lost two other unprotected stolen gators earlier this year in April 2016.......What a great farm equipment Investment !


Video: Stolen John Deere Gator Recovery

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