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Plant Security from Automatrics Plant Tracking Devices

We have been securing plant for over 7 years. Covert self-powered tracking devices are more suitable to secure plant equipment. The Automatrics MTrack unit has robust IP67 casing, its both small and portable giving flexible transference.  Our unique radio tracking layer enables us to track indoors, in a van or shipping container and is immune to GPS jamming.

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Plant Security

Plant Tracker

Automatrics MTrack

Fitting an "CPI Secured By Design" police approved Plant Tracker system that's Insurance recognised by Thatcham Quality Assurance provides the best chance of theft recovery. The Automatrics MTrack is the only CPI police approved Tracking System.

The Only CPI Police Preferred Tracker Service

CPI Police Secured By Design

Secured By Design Logo

Automatrics are the only CPI Police preferred tracker supplier in the UK. In addition to this Automatrics have a service level agreement with the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service NaVCIS.

Plant Security Automatrics MTrack CPI Police Secured By Design Membership

Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) it is now owned by the Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) on behalf of the UK police services and will draw Directors from several police forces under the heading of Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Limited. The focus on Designing out Crime and who acknowledge and award membership to products that achieve their required  quality standards, these products can then be presented with the SBD Logo and listed as s Police Preferred Specification

Automatrics Secured By Design Certificate 2016 to 2017

National Police Support Agreement

National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service

NaVCIS Automatrics Police Partner Logo

Established in 2006  NaVCIS incorporates a number of specialist functions including the national Vehicle Fraud Unit and the Caravan Safety and Security Group. NaVCIS offers the UK police service a single point of contact for advice in relation to vehicle crime and vehicle-enabled crime at a regional and national level. The service benefits with no draw on resources for other operational matters and offers a credible voice for the service within the industry.


Navcis Partner Agreement Information with Automatrics
Navcis Head of Unit DCI Gordon Roberts Presents Automatrics National Police Partner Agreement to Automatrics MD Richard Taylor
Navcis Radio Finding Equipment as Supplied By Automatrics
Police Cars Box Driver

NaVCIS  partner agreement with Automatrics focus is on the safe recovery of stolen vehicles, including communication assistance with national and international law enforcement.

NaVCIS have additionally been equipped with Automatrics radio tracking technology to aid recovery operations subject to NaVCIS resource availability

Top Ten System Features

Unbeaten Accuracy

Our triple layer location technology can position to less than 1 metre accuracy

Immune to GPS jamming

We can locate assets hidden inside or outside, with or without GPS positioning

2 - 4 year self powered battery that's virtually impossible for criminals to scan

Users can recharge or replace battery, and unlike wired devices these cannot be scanned


Small easy to transfer no external wiring or antenna’s, the quickest install in the business


Strong high quality construction, future proof electronics and waterproof IP67 enclosure

Alarms on movement with use of remote control arming device

If criminal uses the keys or through electronic compromise (key cloning) we contact you

User Internet access

View battery life, request a GSM or GPS position on integrated Google Commercial maps

Low cost 

Lowest annual charge and free transference, simply refit on your next asset without charge

Self fit and transference

The system can be used Worldwide, easily hidden, just a quick test over the phone

Nowhere to hide

Detection possible in underground car parks, shipping containers or in the back of a van


Recovery Stories

Stolen Takeuchi TB016 Tracked and Recovered from Inside Shipping Container

Read some of our Plant Theft Recovery stories below. All recovery operations are manged directly by Automatrics working with the Police. Customers are kept up to date with all aspects of the operation. Some assets can be recovered with GPS positioning but other recoveries where  GPS signals cannot be received will require radio finds.

Plant Security Stolen Takeuchi TB016 recovered inside Transit

Plant Security Video Clip Recovery of Takeuchi TB016

Top Ten Service Features

98% Recovery Performance since 2009

Works across all mobile networks, Automatrics will also deploy our staff on indoor recovery

Police CPI Secured By Design - Police Preferred Specification

The ONLY official Police preferred supplier for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Thatcham Quality Assurance - Certified and Insurance Recognised

TQA CAT 7 (Radio Location) capable of locating assets hidden indoors or outdoors

NaVCIS Partner  -  National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service partner,

National and international police support on recovery operations with our finding equipment

Security Innovation Award Winning Service

Plantworx 2013 winner, UK Business and Industry Tracking Company of the year

Direct Control

Automatrics provide all services direct, through qualified and professional screened staff

World Wide Support

NaVCIS support with Interpol to help locate and repatriate any UK stolen asset if abroad

IAATI - International Association Of Auto Theft Investigators member

Theft Investigators member support through global networks

Preferred Supplier

Quality preferred, high profile projects, for the BBC, Greenpeace and many more

98% Customer Satisfaction

Five star customer service, with an independent customer review from Working Feedback

Motorcyle Security Automatrics Customer Reviews and Automatrics Customer Testimonials from The Disc banner

Innovation Awards

Plant Security Example of Automatrics Innovation Award Win 2013 Story

Automatrics are a proactive supplier within the Plant Security Industry as members of  the Combined Industry Theft Solutions  (CITS). The Automatrics MTrack Proactive won the Plantworx Security Innovation award in 2013 and our services are listed on the CPA website.

Automatrics MTrack Brochure

Plant Tracker Automatrics MTrack Specification

Internet Access

View location of GSM and GPS

You can ping your Automatrics MTrack unit for either GSM location if outside of satellite view or GPS position. The GPS position is shown as a red dot and the GSM as a blue dot for the Cell location and then a blue circle to depict the approximate range of the mobile network cell site. You can also view the battery status and arm the unit remotely for any illegal movement There is also an option to upload a picture which we can forward to the police.

Automatrics MTrack Internet Login Plant Security Images

Thatcham CAT Compare  Features

Insurance Accepted Through Thatcham

Most Insurance companies will ask for Thatcham Certified Tracker to be fitted on high risk or high value policies. Thatcham have three tracking categories. Thatcham Standard features are highlighted yellow in the below function table. P5 Plant / CAT 5, CAT 6 and CAT 7. Automatrics devices are certified under CAT 7  but carry far more features than all the Thatcham standards put together, please check the


 Automatrics MTrack additional security features.

Plant Security Compare Thatcham Tracker Standards and Features Matrix
Thatcham Tracker Device Logo
Motorcycle Security Automatrics  logo

Automatrics MTrack


Motorcyle Security Automatrics  logo
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Automatrics offices are based in the prestigious Forum Buildings in Solent Business Park, Whiteley at Junction 9 of the M27 between Southampton and Portsmouth.

For Plant Security Visit Automatrics Office Forum 3 Solent Business Park Whiteley Hants PO15 7FH

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