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Watch Takeuchi Digger Recovery Operation Tracked Despite being Hidden in Container

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Stolen Takeuchi TB016 Recovered

Plant Security system from Automatrics succesfully recovers a stolen mini digger hidden inside a shipping container.

The Automatrics MTrack systems use GSM and RF location in addition to GPS receivers, so if a criminal tries to hide a stolen asset from standard GPS satellite view they can still be tracked and found.

Takeuchi mini diggers represent an easy target for organised crime and are one of the most stolen machines in the UK. This particular excavator had been reported stolen by a national plant hire company when his customer realised it had been missing for a few days.

Automatrics 24/7 monitoring staff immediately sent signals to alarm the unit on its next wake cycle and the tracking unit reported a cell site near Esher within the M25. An Automatrics radio signal finder was dispatched to the search area and soon picked up the secret radio signal and traced it to a shipping container where the machine was found inside. The digger identity had been "RUNG" a term used by the police for having its original identity and serial numbers changed, most likely to a legitimate machine.

The shipping container was at the rear of an industrial estate and DC Nathan Ricketts a police officer from the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) attended the site to oversee the find and recovery operation with Automatrics.

This high performance find operation once again clearly demonstrates why the Automatrics MTrack can reasonably claim to provide the Ultimate Theft Recovery Security Protection.

by Richard Taylor Automatrics Limited Oct 28, 2015
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