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    Automatrics MTrack Motorhome Tracking Innovation Awards Automatrics are a proactive provider within the Motorhome Tracker sector having been selected by some of the owners of who own a selection of the worlds most valuable assets to provide services. We have also successfully passed specialist track and recovery operational tests and unique tests including underground car parks without GPS signals by Thatcham Engineers.

    The Automatrics MTrack Proactive has won two Security Innovation Awards. These awards have recognised the unique specification and functions of our motorhome trackers. We work with and have an agreement with the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) to help recover stolen motorhomes. Please review Automatrics Innovation Awards and our Motorhome Security support sponsorships. We are a leading supplier within the security tracking Industry and proactive members of the Combined Industry Theft Solutions (CITS) whose aims are to reduce theft by encouraging the adoption of best industry practice. CITS seeks to engage all sectors of the industry to make theft more difficult and unattractive to criminals. CITS is a not-for-profit body with unpaid board members from across various industries.

    Automatrics won the Innovation Award at the Plant and Waste Recycling show (PAWRS) in 2010 and we work with both the Plant and Agriculture National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) or the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) dedicated and unique UK Law Enforcement police units who have been provided with our specialist RF recovery equipment to help recover stolen assets when hidden from GPS satellite view. Automatrics have presented several seminars including Tokyo Japan..

    Motorhome tracker systems require this higher Automatrics MTrack tracker functionality to ensure your motorhome or camper van remains safe and we keep the criminals guessing !

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