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Stolen Hobby Caravan Recovered On 26 July 2013 a customer reported his Hobby Caravan stolen from his driveway. The customer had deactivated the motion sensor so it was necessary to alarm the unit remotely. The Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking system was remotely alarmed and a radio signal finder was dispatched from Southampton to Cheltenham.

The radio signal finder arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning to detected the RF signal emanating from a set of buildings. The police were contacted to attend but it was not possible at that time to determine from which exact business lock-up the signal was emanating from.

The BBC thief trackers program reconstructs these events to depict the entire process including where the radio signal lead the police, but the recovery needed to wait until the morning. The radio signal finder, will where required, use a hand-held radio direction receiver to pick up and home-in on the Automatrics MTrack’s audibly silent secret RF radio finding frequency.

Richard Taylor from Automatrics attended the search site and investigated the area and in checking the reported search area in the morning could just make out a caravan inside the suspected lock-up. Officers soon arrived to make arrests. The customer was soon advised that they could attend site to collect their caravan whilst the Automatrics finder waited.

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Police arrested two men at the scene and later in early 2015 one man was sentenced to 26 months imprisonment.
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