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    Caravan Tracker Recovers Stolen Static

    On Friday 9 October 2015 a protected static caravan reported an out of area alarm over five years after the battery powered tracking device was first fitted in June 2010. The owners were contacted and immediately confirmed the caravan was stolen.

    The Automatrics MTrack theft recovery caravan tracking system reported a GSM cell site just south of Ashford Kent. An Automatrics radio signal finder was deployed to the search site and detected the signal emanating from a small industrial estate. Kent Police were then contacted to attend site and help escort the Automatrics radio signal finder into the industrial estate.

    The caravan tracking device radio signal was coming from a caravan sales yard, the stolen static could be seen and the yard owner was soon contacted and requested to attend site to give access and answer police questions.

    Radio signal finders, will where required, use hand-held radio direction receivers to pick up and then home-in on the Automatrics MTrack’s audibly silent secret RF radio finding frequency. The attending Kent police officers gained access to the yard and the caravans identification was confirmed. The customer requested the police to seize the stolen caravan and take it to a safe compound.

    This success follows on from fourteen other successful static caravan recovery operations conducted by Automatrics in the last three years. Having our caravan security tracking device has proved invaluable to many owners. The caravan sales yard owner fully cooperated with the police and claimed to be a victim of a sales fraud, he remains a vital witness whilst Kent Police make further enquiries.

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